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Welcome to Eyles Logististics Consulting

We are Australian logistics consultants, based in Sydney - experienced and proven. We offer you expert advice in materials handling and all logistical advice associated. We advice small to large business in Australia and overseas.

Our logistics consultants collaborate with other logistics consultants, all experts in their field, to offer you unique and tailored solutions for your warehousing, distribution and logistics project. Together we contribute vast experience and knowledge to your unique logistics project.


You can call our senior logistics consultant in Sydney Australia to get advice, now.

Norman Eyles is our senior logistics consultant with over 30 years experience in warehouse and distribution centre design and ‘client side’ project management of construction and fit-outs. You can talk to Norman today for friendly advice about your logistics project, or call us to arrange an appointment.

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We are team leaders who work as parts of a team. We can discuss business strategies with senior management as effectively as listening to the forklift operators point of view. We believe everyone’s opinion counts in determining the end goal, and we work with your project teams as either advisors, or in a full time project management capacity. We are there to help your people.

Eyles logistics consultants are hard working, out of the box thinkers who have gained experience and learned many lessons in the school of hard knocks in Australia and overseas. We bring you team players and change leaders who are practical, optimistic and easy to get along with, from conception to go live and commissioning.

We are logistics consultants who collaborate

You benefit from the experience of a broad range of logistics consultants.

Eyles logistics is partnered with logistics consultants, each with their own area of expertise to offer you the highest level of experience and knowledge to contribute to your logistics solutions. We give tailored logistics advice utilising some of the best brains in their chosen field in logistics. For example, one of our most trusted partners is FuzzylogX, who are keenly focused on storage and distribution optimisation strategies.

We take care of small to medium business enterprises

We are the logistics consultants who happily serve SME’s.

We provided logistics advice and consultancy for business’ of all sizes in Australia and have experience in the USA, Europe, Dubai, Asia and China.

We have low overheads

Logistics consultants who don’t carry the huge overheads of multi nationals.

As a team of independent supply chain and logistics consultants, we work individually or collectively, depending on the project. We do not carry the overheads of the large consultancy companies hence, no project is too small. The team of independent logistics and supply chain consultants and contractors available to you through Eyles Logistics enables you to have the collective benefit of a vast wealth of knowledge and experience across the logistics, transport and materials handling industry on a pay as needed basis.

We have satisfied clients

You can trust Eyles Logistics for exeptional logistics advice